Gossip can ruin your career?

You and your career can feel safe if you stay above idle chatter. Nevertheless, in practice it is useful to be able to distinguish harmless idle talk from a serious accusation.

This knowledge helps not to become a hostage of office gossip, and sometimes at the right time to use it to their advantage.

Some equate office gossip with violence. This opinion may seem radical, but rumors do have the ability to destroy people’s lives. Gossip breeds mistrust and hatred among employees, worsening not only the situation inside the team, but also lowering productivity .

About you spread the discrediting information Click Here? Do not yield to gossip and go to court. In the event that if you prove the culpability of the offender, he will be punished with a fine of fifty minimum wages or correctional labor for up to one year.

Gossip has many ways to hurt you. You may not even be the direct subject of gossip, but once having entered its territory, supporting the bad conversation of your colleagues, the influence of gossip will spread to you, destructively affect your career and personal life. And if you discuss your colleagues by e-mail, then consider that you are walking on the razor’s edge — it’s silly to think that your correspondence is confidential and no one reads it. Believe me, the security service and HR manager already know what you are doing at lunchtime.

It’s easy to fall victim to office gossip, so always control what you tell your colleagues and yourself about your personal life. Try not to talk about what ring your young lover gave you or how much fun you danced on the bar this weekend. Remember, all this information can be used against you, so be professional in all conversations.