Simple and practical snacks for busy people

Work, home, family, house work, family and so on and on. There is no time to rest, let alone pay attention to proper and healthy food. The trap is finished products, dishes that do not require us to sacrifice more than a few minutes …

Or maybe it is not so difficult to eat something tasty, nutritious and healthy at a small amount of time? Here are some tips and practical rules that show it’s not that difficult.

1. What should be in your kitchen? We exchange low-value products for those full-fledged and more valuable for our health, beauty and energy for the whole day, which will allow us to compose different variants of healthy snacks. We throw away ready sauces, desserts, semi-finished products. The cabinets are filled with a variety of herbs and spices without monosodium glutamate. We change the breakfast cereals into oatmeal or ordinary oats, ie sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, dried fruit, bran, linseed, etc. «Light» flour is turned into wholemeal, «dark» pasta, coarse-grained groats (buckwheat groats, barley — instead of couscous, semolina). Seasonal fruits and vegetables should become an inseparable element filling our fridge. Frozen food is not a bad option, it will allow you to quickly prepare a tasty dinner drew-rees. Aluminum foil, baking bags, breakfast paper, bags for breakfast and freezing, disposable cutlery, etc. Everything to facilitate the preparation and then packaging of healthy snacks or meals for work or travel.

2. Once a week, do general shopping with a pre-prepared list of products for the entire week. Usually, we know what times we will be working in the coming week, whether there are any meetings with friends, longer business trips or holidays. So it should not be a problem to spend 15 minutes on a Saturday morning to create a list of needed products for the next 7 days. Going shopping with a ready list will save our time and finances. Also, do not plan to go shopping on an empty stomach! You will buy more then, you will be tempted by unhealthy snacks, and we want to avoid this!

3. Enjoy the jars and plastic boxes. Observe the ready sauces, soups and other dishes bought in the supermarket in order to save time. Why can not we prepare a little more soup, pasta sauce, goulash and put the portion into a jar or container for another day? When cooking yourself, we know what we put in the pot and we have an influence on it — let’s appreciate it! Saving time will be for us to cook a double portion of, for example, pasta for dinner, from which we can make a salad for work the other day.

4. Lunchbox — instead of eating out. Lunchbox is increasingly fashionable in the present times, it works as a great alternative for those who want to save time and money. In fact, what we put into the box depends on our imagination and the content of the fridge (that’s why it’s worth planning your purchases in advance). Protein, fat and carbohydrates — these three basic nutrients should consist of our meal, let alone the one taken to work! A full-blown protein is lean poultry, good quality fish, especially marine, lean dairy or semi-fat. Vegetarians a valuable source of protein can be found in seeds of legumes, among others lentils, soy, green beans. Fat is inherently associated with protein, but we need to know which products are a good source of protein. Choose frying oils and, of course, dressing for salads and vegetables. Seeds and seeds are also a valuable source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, we can not forget about marine fish: salmon, sardines, herrings, etc. The main source of energy are carbohydrates. We find them in wholemeal bread, preferably on sourdough (choose without caramel, malt, barley extract — giving a delusive visual impression of «healthy dark» bread), groats, whole-grain pasta, vegetables and fruits, oatmeal.

5. Avoid the temptation! Avoid the alleys with sweets in the supermarket; in a purse, make a place for a bottle of mineral water, 100% fruit juice; fresh fruit be prepared at home — these small things will help you overcome the temptation of unhealthy sweets. Who can manage, if not you !!! If you have 2 left hands for cooking, fruits, one-day juices, delicacies (a handful of nuts, almonds, dried apricots or cranberries), yogurt, natural kefir will be a great alternative to a healthy and valuable snack, which does not take much space and is commonplace